Karahe was establlished in 1980 at the time when Manuel Antonio started becoming an attractive tourist place with no hotels in the area.

Doña Cecilia, the founder, of the Hotel Karahe decided to build a Hotel to provide a pleasant and unforgettable experience to the visitors of this area. That's why she decided to build villas in the mountains, with its own terrace, and bathroom, becoming very well known for its amazing view and incredible customer service, making the client feel at home.

Months later, Karahe became a permanent destination for North American and European guests who use to stay in the villas for more than two weeks… just connecting with nature and enjoying leisure time at the most beautiful beach.

Our guests from many nationalities in these 30 years have fallen in love with our nature and the incredible beauty of the area … which certainly is considered one of the best paradises worldwide.

Since then, the Hotel has grown to become what it is today Karahe, a Hotel with a restaurant, swimming pool, gardens and 41 rooms made ​​up of 9 villas, 8 standard rooms, 16 beach front and 8 beach front superior.

 About Las Islas Lodge
 About Las Islas Lodge
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